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Chittoor, Jan 27, (way2newstv.com):
The temple is to be closed in Tirumala on January 31. The TTD officials will close the temple for about 11 hours during the lunar eclipse. On Wednesday, 31st of this month, Swamy will be able to offer their prayers, services and services. Acquired services are canceled during lunar eclipse. The shut down of the temple is 7 hours earlier than the eclipse. Officials said the temple would close one day from 9.30 am to 9 pm.

                                              EFFECT OF ECLIPSE ON THIRUMALA

Since there are no visions at this time, devotees are urging devotees to accompany the tours. Generally, in the year of sunset and lunar eclipse, There is a tradition of closing the Thirumala temple in this background. The vital rays that emerge during the eclipse will be closed down by Shrivi Mulavirattu and the festive occasions. At the time of the eclipse, pregnant women do not get food and the food is not closed until the end of the ceremony.After lunar eclipse, special puja is performed in the temple and performed by the devotees to allow devotees to visit. The devotees who come to Tirumala need to make their journeys in vain. 

The eclipse of the eclipse returns devotees to devotees TTD. The eclipse tokens allocated to devotees in the background of eclipse have been canceled. If there are no visions and no arrangements, it is better if the devotees do not get the same day. Why there are not many hotels in Thirumala due to some of the decisions already made. This is a situation where devotees are already struggling to eat rice. The epicenter of this eclipse is closed by the center of the prayer. So with Swami's dream ... there is no food to eat that one day. Some of the TTDs think that it is good that the devotees of Thirumala are good on Wednesday.