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Nizamabad, Jan. 27, (
From the beginning of harvesting, farmers have no availability until the crop is sold. They have been making problems. Last season, it is reported that there are many farmers in Nizamabad who are still in debt. Many say that farmers who sell crops in Kharif have not got money.
                                                  THE MONEY IS VERY GRATEFUL   

     Many of the bills selling products in the centers set up by Sarkar are falling. In the joint district, more than half of the yields have been sold and the farmers are suffering from full payments. They say that the total amount of money they have to pay is about Rs 30 crore. Some farmers cultivated mint, instead of soya as a six crop in Kharif. According to NAFED, five centers in the joint district have been set up by Marafe to purchase crops. The farmers were happy with the announcement made by Mark Fed that they would pay a weekly price of Rs. 5,400 per quintal.

Marc Fede solders were sold at around 18.73 crore worth of precious metals. However, payments have gone up to Rs.11.65 crore. The rest of the Rs 7 crore was canceled. Poor farmers have expressed their disillusionment for around two months for the money. In the case of soybean crops, the value of Rs 66 crore was procured. However, the payment of Rs. Some of the payments have been frozen in grain purchases. In Kharif, only 1,50,200 metric tons were collected by cooperative purchasing centers. Rs.3.83 crore was purchased and Rs.2.33 crore was paid. The money for the money is Rs. Poor farmers want the government and the relevant authorities to respond to the payments of crops immediately. They are urged to consider their financial difficulties and give them a fair amount of money.