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Amravati, Jan 19, (
AP IT minister Nara Lokesh said the target is to provide employment to 5,000 people by next year. On Friday, officials signed a deal between the Cobalt Fund and AP Sarkar to develop Black Chain Technology in presence of Minister Lokesh. Speaking on the occasion, Lokesh said that it is providing protection to government information through Black Chain technology.
                                    FIVE THOUSAND JOBS A YEAR: MINISTER LOKESH

The Real Time Governance, which is taking up the real time governance center in the Secretariat of the Coventry Fund, has explained the minister. Speaking on this occasion, he said, "There are many problems after the division of the state. Overcoming problems, we are using technology in the state to provide better services and welfare programs for the people. Real Time Governance is aware of people's problems and solved urgently. People said that we are working with the goal of knowing and solving their problems before our problems are brought to our attention. We are aware of the implementation of development programs and welfare programs in the state through CMC Dashboard. The core platform was developed to ensure that all the branches of the government were linked to the same location. Telephones, WiFi and telephony services are provided by AP Fiber Net 149 rupees. Technology has been used in large scale and there is a risk of cyber attacks, which is why we are protecting government information through black chain technology. Black Chain Technology is not using the Land Records tampering in the capital area.

 All the certificates are designed to be made online by Aadhaar number through digital locker without any need to turn around the government for certificates.The Black Chain Technology Business Conference was held in Visakhapatnam. In Black Chain Technologies, the state youth is conducting hawkons to achieve jobs. The government has allocated 100 crores to promote start up companies.The AP Block Chain Target is an agreement with the Coventent Fund to help establish Black Chain Technology University as part of 2019. Cobalt Fund contribution to the development of Start Up Companies in Black Chain Technology. Training in black chain technology for students. Lokesh said that in 2012, about 5000 students are targeting to work in black chain technology.The event will be attended by Consensus CEO, CEO Joseph Lubin, Managing Partner Kavita Gupta, Coventent Ventures, CEO Ram Yalamanchili, Head of Block Chain Social Impact, Vasana IT Secretary Vijayanand, IT Advisor JA Chowdary, CEO Bala Subramaniam