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Jayam Ravi, Raghavendra Pathuraj as hero heroines Chalathavada Brothers Officer Sri Tirumala Tirupathi Venkateswara Films banner padmavathi Chalathavada is the director of the film directed by Shankarwada directed 'Tick Tick Tick'. The film is the first space movie in Indian cinema history. The film is being released in Telugu soon. The movie's trailer was released by Suprem Hero Sadiadharam Tej. On this occasion ....

Saidhiram Tee said, "Tick Tick` is a great thing to do in the south of the Indian Concept Movie, which does not come on Indian screen. I have seen the trailer in Tamil, who will release it in Telugu? I was curious about that. But my friend Laxman is happy to release Telugu dubbing rights. Kangrats to the artist, technicians and graphics team, including Jayam Ravi. Telugu viewers always enjoy good content movies. With a new concept that we do not get in our films, the tick Ticket tick is sure to achieve big success in Telugu.

Laxman said: "Thanks to Sadiharam Tejki who released our 'Tick Tick' movie trailer. We are happy to release this film in our banner. Quality is not compromised anywhere. When the film was released in Telugu, the audience appreciated us very much. Then the thriller movie '16' in our banner was also appreciated. This is such a distinctive subject. The first space movie in Indian cinema is proud to offer audiences. The alerted teaser got a good response. Now we are confident that the trailer and the movie will appreciate. Soon we are releasing the film. "
The film is composed by Jayam Ravi, Rija Pethuraj, Jayaprakash and others. Music: D. Imman, Camera: Venkatesh, Editor: Pradeep, Art: Murthy, Producer: Padmavathi Chathalvada, directed by Shakti Saundar Rajan.