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New Delhi, January 12, (
Relations between India and China have long been known for their deep pains. The dragon is moving to trap around India. It is also reported that China, which has already tapped our neighbors, will have a naval base in Pakistan.

 This is definitely a harm to us. India is closely watching China's style. It's a friendship with its neighbors in Dragon style, especially China. The country repeatedly states that India needs cooperation in the field of defense. The dragon was shaken after Vietnam announced that he had previously bought the Brahmos missiles from India. In the case of the South China Sea, China has been in conflict with other countries including Vietnam.

China has argued that the controversial South China Sea is total, and coastal countries are deeply concerned. In this context, Vietnam invited India to invest in the oil and gas reserves of South China Sea. China wants us to invest there. Encourage relationships with neighboring countries but do not invest in the area where we have the rights. The Chinese Foreign Ministry has warned that it is affecting peace and stability in the region. Over the years, ONGC has been in the field of South China Sea, which is owned by Vietnam. But India, which flattens the dragon, points to China not to disturb free shipping in the waters of the millions of dollars of trade.