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Warangal, Jan 17 (
All the arrangements are made by the government of Madaram. Advance steps have been taken to prevent any problems for devotees. Internet facility is also provided in the java section. BSNL is taking action on this. 

It plans to provide internet services continuously for devotees. Eidafa Free WiFi facility will be provided. At least three lakh devotees are building towers to provide data for the day. Rs. Sarkar allocated 20 lakhs The official administration is preparing to provide wide range of services. Devotees can use Watsap and Facebook to free video calls through free WiFi. At least 3.4 lakh people are getting ready to provide free data per day. Devotees do not stay there for the whole day, so the number of data consumers will increase. 500MB data per day per mobile. An 'OTP' comes before everybody has access to the Troy rules. Confirm and use data.

All 20 hot spots are set up for the data. There are 60 to 80 axis points from each hotspot. At least 17,000 data can be used. Works up to 100 meters each. Internet services in Jatharwada can be availed free of cost from Jaffna, Chilalagugatta and Narlapur. 3.4 lakh people can get this facility from 20 hot spots. Voice Service 2GEL, Data Services 3G, Internet Leaked Lines Internet leasing lines are available for government departments, police and media. The Police Department has applied for 50 MBBS Lease Line. This time bandwidth is increased. The authorities say that this will be unique in comparison to past stamps. Devotees used voice calls in 2016. This time, the possibility of data usage is high.