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This is the second time since the 'Rajaratham' trailer, which is all about the title of the title role. Vijay Devarakonda released the first song 'College Days' in the film 'Arjun Reddy'. The song has become a chart buster and this song is especially impressive with music lovers.

All the songs are composed by Anoop Bhandari and Ramajogayya literature. Tunez producers have given preference to recursive songs with excellent lyrics. Ramajagiagalaguru brought a word of linguam to the song. Anoop Bhandari's music and song-style approach reminds viewers of their engineering 'College Days'.Bollywood choreographers on Nirup Bhandari and Avantika Shetty have been screened under the supervision of Bosco-Caesar and this song is very trendy. In this song, Nurup and Avantika are very beautiful as college students. The 'Rajaritham' which is making its first film in the 'Jolly Hits' team is not a hesitation in screening with high production values. With the colorful visuals of cameraman William David, Nita Shetty's amazing styling and the artist's work with King Poddar's artwork, the College Life reflects most of the song.

This song is understood as the look of 'Jalli Hits' in the 'College Days' song and how accurate it is in the production values ​​of their film. Producers Ajay Reddy, Anju Vallabhaneni, Vishnu Dakapgari and Satish Sastry are working to make their first production 'Rajaratham' to be greatly appreciated. Other technicians are also directing 'Rajaratham' with the desire to give the film their best for the film to be the best production for the film in accordance with the director's vision. The team is confident that after the release of the song 'College Days', the audience is confident that they will be able to get rid of it. 'Rajaratham' will be released worldwide on February 16.