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Amravati, January 13, (
The IT sector is slowly moving in Navanandhra. In addition to IT companies ... the companies that invest in the companies who want to put them, the training entrepreneurs for the youth who want to work in them ... All this comes with a comprehensive 'IT weather'. IIT, Mutta companies are coming to Amravati, which is affiliated to the Global Foundation Foundation Research and Development Department in America. 'Veda IIT' is known in chip designing in the country. The company offers MTC courses in Chip Designing. Also ... 'Makuta' made of Bahubali's film is topped in this field.

The company will also be in Guntur. 80 per cent of those who completed the VAT IIT will have the same job. For the rest, it's possible to compete with other leading companies like Intel. On the other hand, Amravati comes up with an amalgam of Angel Networks. The company also provides funding for new ideas in software and IT. The company operates in the Bay Area and in the US. The company offers all the services to investments, marketing, shares transactions, investment banking, fund management etc. Happy Minds Recreation Agency of First American Corporation will also come to Amravati. It provides recruitment and consultancy services in various companies.

At present, software companies have begun to face a shortage of skilled staff. If the training firms can overcome this difficulty. The way to get more IT companies is piling up. GCS, Ghana, Kelley and other trained institutions have begun to work in Amravati before the Rendros. As many as 1027 people were trained in their respective institutions, 730 of them already have jobs.
What are the IT companies in the state to give incentives? Will the start start again? Are projects coming to those companies? All the clouds of such doubts are now turning away. 12 new IT companies will come to Amravati. All this will be opened by IT Minister Nara Lokas on 17th of this month. APNRT chairman Ravikumar Vemuri is coordinating these activities.

Metha Towers near Gannavaram is now 'houseful' with IT companies. Some of these companies are also going to expand. The software company Messlova was initially set up in five thousand square feet.
Now the company is asking for a 10,000 sq ft area. The company currently has over 200 jobs. With an expansion, another 350 people will be given the opportunity. Also, ... Chandu Soft, which started in Methu Towers, is going to expand in Visakhapatnam. Another two and three companies are considering the same route. The state government is expressing this as an indication of the IT climate in AP.
There are two and three ways to spread the IT in the state. IT department is bringing companies directly and secondly IT companies with AP Entity initiative! The four IT towers that were set up in the state under the supervision of APNNTA are already filled with companies.

Intel's Towers at Vijayawada Autonagar, K-Business Spaces at Mahanadu Road, Metha Towers near Gannavaram, Metha Towers in Mangalgiri IT Park ... This is the fourth IT company. The software is also filled with software companies for 60,000 sq ft. The IT department and APNRenti are hired for the construction of several large buildings between Gwalior and Vijayawada - Guntur. Half a rental IT company is up and half the rent is given to software companies to pay.
Engineering and other courses graduates and postgraduates are trained in English to make them more suitable for companies. Greenco Company will be trained in English with an annual organization of 900 people with a grant given under social responsibility. The first step was to complete the necessary work to select a hundred.