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Eluru, January 13, (WAY2NEWSTV.COM):
() The pools of fish are damaging the economy as well. Growing down the farmers as the farmers are being destroyed by the name of Aqua Development. Once the three-lumps and six-rice rice mills are getting into a crisis today. In addition, government regulations and CMR policies are pushing the losses. Rice mills were once hundreds in the West Godavari district of the state. Thousands of workers were living on this basis.

However, paddy crop has been significantly reduced due to the overruns in the farm lands with the changed situation. With the decrease in yields, hundreds of rice mills were reduced. Yet Rice Millers continues to be enthusiastic about the industry. On the other side of the crisis, the decisions taken by the government have become a curse. However, the government has brought misery to the rice millers system. Rice Millers is lucrative as it sells 20 per cent of rice in the past 100 per cent in other states and other countries. Since the middle government has implemented the CIMMAR system in 1984 levy control, the millers will now have to play the grain that the government supplies, as the farmers now buy grain directly from farmers. In this district, 6 lakh tonnes of direct taxes are purchased by government officials and milling by millers. Most rice mills have been closed down. Workers are struggling with milling slowdown. On the other hand, the state government is paying only Rs 12 to 50 paise per quintal for Qiandam Custom Milling ... In the neighboring state of Chhattisgarh it costs Rs 40 per quintal and 30 rupees in Telangana. There is a problem that even millions of people are given in Andhra.

The state government has been entrusted with the use of HD power to millers. Previously 160 horses were supplied to sustain the rice mill industry. Then 100 HP was reduced to 75 HP in two years. In the past 150 were considered as Lt. Rice millers are going to be lobbying since the authorities have ordered that 75 HP should now be treated as a high-tech connection. Rice millers have said that the mills in the rice mills have been unable to lag behind the day when the current bills are not in the limits of over 60 per cent of the mills. Millions have been forced to pay bills up to one lakh rupees for the time being closed. Millers want the rice millers to stay away from the rice milling industry to ensure that the rice millers do not have any trouble traveling to the farming day in the district of Andhra Pradesh.