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Vijayawada, January 18, (
The Government is of high priority for IT sector development in Navodhya. Strengthen the IT sector and plan to improve the employment opportunities for local youth. The government has made great progress in this plan.

                                                                        IT MANTRA

Many already established companies have got jobs for locals. This opportunity has been further expanded and recently opened in IT companies in Mangalgiri. Moreover, the Hyderabad government has been hi-tech to make the Mangalagiri a mileage. The government is working hard to make the state more efficient. Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu and IT Minister Narolokesh are also in the process of special operation. Their initiative will become the capital of the capital Mangalagiri Maitak City. The government has taken action on this. IT Minister Lokesh has opened 16 IT companies in Manglagiri NRT Tech Park and Autonagar IT Parks.

Mitchell has a number of leading companies. Chirkeyend ITES Pvt Ltd, Advait Algorithms, Scratch Bees, Pixie, Syam Digital Networks, Sanswet, Swara Soft, Suisse, DFFI Swiss, Savvy Technologies, Crazy Toonj, Mahatra Media Solutions, Alfa ITs. There are also Make My Clinic, Exceller Info Services, BVZ India in Peyker IT Park in Mangalagiri. Employment opportunities for local youth will be improved through these companies.

The newly established IT companies will get immediate employment for 600 people. Another 1600 people are given job opportunities in a year. The state is working hard to provide opportunities for the capital in the state of Andhra Pradesh without needing to go to other areas for employment of state youth. Chief Minister Chandrababde, who is credited with making Hyderabad Hyderabad a high-tech city is not exaggerated. Through his vision, the top IT companies have been queuing up to Bhagyanagar. He is also hoping that Mangalgiri would be recognized as a mileage in the world.