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Vijayawada, January 10, (way2newstv.in):Ananthapuram MP JC Diwakar Reddy shifted Jorigala in the ear of Chandrababu. He is embarrassed by his words and deeds. Sonia Gandhi was the ghost when he was in Congress. He said that he had been forced to resign from the post office. Earlier, he had attacked crew members at Visakhapatnam airport.

He did not compromise with TDP district leaders. The result is that day JC Brothers's head is heading to CM. Now it's too late that JCI loses another bomb. Ananthapur MP JC Diwakar Reddy said that MPs do not have any issue in setting up Visakhapatnam Railway. CM Chandrababu will meet with Prime Minister Modi. Visakhapatnam railway zone is expected to come to this discussion. But in the Vijayawada talk with the JC Parliament in Parliament, the situation of MPs should be raised. That's it. I am looking forward to curiously mobilizing MPs. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has the responsibility to give clarification on the railways.

 It is surprising that Modi has an appointment with Chandrababu because he needs it. South Central Railway General Manager Vinod Kumar Yadav has met in MP Vijayawada with MPs for Andhra Pradesh. TDP and Waikpa MPs discussed the pending rail projects, newline and rail proposals in the state. MPs have urged Amravati to introduce additional trains to increase railway connectivity from Rayalaseema.

 Amravati discussed the area of ​​the capital's area with the link between Guntur-Vijayawada. MPs criticized the progress of several railway lines pending many years. They do it for the AP. What are the MPs doing? Why do they call them Railway GM?
Anitaapuram MP JC Diwakar Reddy had a caricature when he came to meet him. He said that he had not hit the railway zone. Jesseen was the first to say that the center does not have a special status for the AP. Now he is talking about the railway zone and the truth is what is going on.