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Ananthapur, Jan 27, (
The popular car giant Kia's industry has slowed down. Land paving tasks have been completed in five phases at Ampavarapalli, Ernakulam in Anantapur district, Punukonda Mandal. The works are completed in 1, 2, 3, 5 phases while the fourth phase continues.
                                              KIA CAR COMPANIES WORK FASTER 

In the allotted 582.70 acre, Kia has been active in the main industry of painting shop, body biller workshop, engine footwork shop, cool foot shop, power train shop, model shop, assembled shop and internal roads. The Canal township and training center Doing things. They are regularly monitored by a team of Korean technical engineers and managers. Water pipeline works are essential for industry from Gollapalli Reservoir. Damping Yard is being built on 82 acres to accommodate the machinery and equipment needed for the industry. The district collector, Kia Group and APICI officials are conducting a review every week on the progress of the work. The company said it will start selling cars in Indian markets from 2019. 

KUALA has set up a car manufacturing unit with an investment of over Rs 13,000 crore in a 600 acres of land in the village of Punukonda in Anantapur district. Trial run by March 2018, aimed at launching production by September 2019. It is being built with a capacity of three lakh cars per annum. That is ... 820 cars per day! That means, about 30 cars per hour come out. These are exported to the country overseas from here