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Madera, January 27, (
Sammakha-Salaalamma jatara is the celebration of the devotees on the dates determined by the priests. In addition, the mobs continue to grow after the mothers reach the cave. Gradually progressed upon mothers is becoming everlasting folk with vast confidence. The Mobilization Program is ongoing continuously.


Internet, Watsups, Wifi, mobile phones with networks of various companies, CIRC cameras with surveillance and drone cameras are seen at the time of the publication. Apart from these, the devotees need to provide accommodation and facilities for the devotees. But, in line with the increasingly devoted devotees, governments have largely funded and have taken on permanent basis. Permanent structures have begun at the hut and shackles only. Larger large buildings appear. In 2006, ITETA built ten cottages of Rs 20 lakh. Rs. The Tatti building was constructed on the same year by 50 lakhs. The first English medium school was also started by the tribal welfare department here. 27 shopping complexes have been built at Rs. The guest house was set up under ITDA. The Collector, SP and the ministers were able to stay in the guesthouse. There is also a shrine to conduct review meetings. However, the number of devotees coming to the place of Suma-Salaamma has increased. The devotees here stayed in the forest and paid for three nights after paying their moks. The government has stepped forward to take more permanent structures in accordance with the devotees in the current hi-tech age. The facilities and arrangements are limited to the buildings. Even after the Madaratara, there are facilities to serve the devotees. Working with crores of rupees. Adivasi museum was constructed with a special Rs 2 crore specially in the medal.

The Adivasi museum houses a variety of goods and equipment used by the Adivasis to promote culture and tradition. Greenhouse is being set up. It is likely to be completed by this post. Museums are just in towns. But the government has set up a museum at the Jatha Campus which recognizes the importance of meditation. Rs. The green hotel is being built here with 3.50 crore. Funding for the construction of ten cottages, tasks have been completed. The open restaurant and the AC restaurant are being built for 24 people. The Hampe Theater is also set up. Construction is being done to see 300 people sit and watch. Cultural programs will be useful for various film shows. Along with this, 46 luxury tents are also being set up to help the devotees climb. Platform construction works are also complete. Another floor on the Tatti building is being constructed under the supervision of tribal welfare department at a cost of Rs 60 lakh. The government is considering a need for the staff and officials to undertake sanitation programs with a budget of Rs 60 lakh. There is a mediator in the Urban Panchayat area, but the Madras Panchayat office has been constructed in the backdrop of Rs 16 lakh to build a panchayat. The new Subway station at Kodur has been commissioned at 33/11 CV Sub-Station at Rs 1.20 crore. From here the power supply is supplied to Madamara. There is a lot of in-voltage problem at the time of the java season