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Karimnagar, January 10, ( real danda district is now in the stagnant after the annulment of the banknotes. After the reorganization of the districts, Metropolitan district headquarters and metropolitan areas and mandal centers spread over the suburbs. Incidentally, illegal layouts have been reported in the suburbs of the town, mandal and village. If the lands are regulated (lay-out), general municipal municipalities and village panchayats are economically strong. This will lead to funding for infrastructure and development in their respective towns and villages.

 The realities of the municipalities and the panchayats have been hit by a large scale. Illegal layout of the rules is ready to sell the plots. The common people are being fooled by buying out-of-the-house places to realize their home. Plots for sale in the suburbs of Dupvada, Deendayalnagar, Bedi labor colony, Sairamnagar colony, Sulthanpura, Brooklyn School, Balaamma Temple near Arpetta, Venkatraopetta, Marutinagar and Vellula subdivision are still going on. On the latest banyan hostel in the town suburb, Ruganta, Vellulala Road, Sattakkapalli and Madepalli villages of Mandalapalla are illegal mellows. Farm lands in the suburbs of Riyikal, Medipally, Kathlapur, Malyala, Dharmapuri and Kodimalai Mandal are becoming plots. Reuters have alleged that the authorities do not mind if they have a large layer of municipalities and panchayats in the face of mobilization.

 Firstly, apply to RDO to convert agricultural land into non agricultural land. The Registration Department will pay a 3 per cent of the value of the payment to the Government and apply in your service to the certification document in the month of Month. Then the land transfers will be sent to the relevant municipal or panchayat for a lay-out pass, and a prescribed fee per acre. The road should be set up to 40 feet below to reach the ground. 10% of the total land should be left for public activities. Each plot should be set up to less than 120 square meters and internal roads should be at least 33 feet. The municipal council or panchayat approved lay-out securities deposit under Rs. 20 to pay. The panchayat and municipal decision will be forwarded to the Urban and Rural Planning Director (DTPCO). If all is appropriate, the relevant branch officials will be granted temporary permission. Later roads and 10 percent of the area should be registered in the name of panchayat or municipal. Without doing this, at least the farmer's name can be divided into a plot without changing itself. The common people who purchased such plots have been marching around the municipal and panchayats for permits. Many are still willing to respond to the relevant authorities and act on illegal lay outs