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Hyderabad, Jan 17, (
Welfar accommodation in the state has fallen backward. The number of students is being reduced annually and these locks are regularly locked. In the year 2016-17 academic year, a hundred shelters have been closed down in the sphere of SC, ST and BC welfare departments across the state. Most of these were closed to accommodate students after their arrival.

Some of the infrastructure was lacking, and the number of students was very low and they were merged into the nearby hostels. According to the latest statistics, there are 1,360 hostels in the SC, ST and BC Welfare Divisions across the State. There are 1,28,149 students in the state. In fact, at the start of the academic year of this year, 1,460 hostels were enrolled for the registration of the students, while the field response was not satisfactory. Hundreds of students in 20 have joined the nearby hostels. There are at least a hundred students in a hostel. But this is the number 75 in the SC welfare department.

If the number of students is low, the government will be burdened with their maintenance burden. The number of students in the BC Welfare Department is about 91. However, the average number of academic persons in the ST welfare department is 181. The number of students in the Estee welfare is mostly satisfied with the presence of the agency. Basic reports show that this year's closed hostels consist of 59 SCs, 35 BC and 6 Estimated Hostels.Messity Hostels are in the hands of Incharge Welfare. Because these hostels do not have full welfare staff, their oversight has become confusing. In fact, if there is a full dormitory welfare officer, at the beginning of the academic year, it is possible to take steps to increase student registration. But their survival is becoming questionable because each dormitory welfare officer has two or more dormitory responsibilities. In some cases teachers are working as deputies in deputation.