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Adilabad, January 17, (
In addition to the Sankranthi festival, the RTC came in addition to income. Revenue for the Railways increased by 10 percent. Festive holidays were reported in the work of other districts, with students coming up with their own cloths. The RTC officials have allotted special buses from the district center and earned 50 per cent additional revenue per day in 7 days.

 From 8th till 14th, 44 special buses run 34,624 km and earned Rs 8,30,783. Officials estimate that the income is likely to double in the next three days. Last year, Railway officials were considering additional 10 per cent of revenue in the Railways. Last year, 68 special buses were allotted from Adilabad district headquarters to the Sankranthi festivities, with an additional income of Rs.11,31,719, passing 37,704 km. In addition, 68 buses have been allocated in this year and 34 buses have been utilized so far.

Officials are expected to increase the passenger traffic in three days, as the arrival of holidays from other districts is likely to return when the holidays are completed. Within three days, more than 30 buses would run in addition, officials said. So far, the RTC's proceeds will add up to Rs. 14 lakhs. The RTC will run only 132 buses from Adilabad Depot each day to reach 55,828 km. The RTC has earned revenue of Rs 15 lakhs every day. In the backdrop of the Sankranthi festival, an average of Rs. Additional buses were run seven days before the festival. The first day started with two buses and operated about 10 buses per day.