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Vijayawada, Hyderabad, Jan 24, (way2newstv.in):
You have one! If you do one on the shoulder .. I will cuddle .. Love movie dialogue. These are all changes in Telugu state politics now. TDP. TRS, Congress, BJP. Janseena .. redparthies .. who's there ... who are screwing with someone else is not touching. It is also a question of what's in the mind of the original. The last year .. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has been receiving a new election. So all the states .. Now our Telugu states .. the coconut powder of the monkey. With division, the moon's reign continues in these two split-states. As strong leaders, immigrants have joined heavily from side parties. By the end of 2014, seat adjustment became questionable by 2019. Pony .. will not increase the number of seats! Amit Shah .. Amooching .. embracing .. Ursuruvuppunnappattu. That's when the electoral fever started now. Pagan tours have fueled political heat.


Pawan's birthday is in place, the political jatana is being prepared while Pawan is ready for a public holiday in Telangana. How is his strength? Pawan KCR is a Bantu .. Abbey .. TDP is an advocate. At the same time, Jagan gave a special status to AP .. Dosti with the Kamal will say the word in mind .. with the title .. TDP, Jasakan gave Jalak. The BJP's anti-TDP with TDP is the same as the comments made by Jagan when the BJP leaders were blowing on Pawan. The comments made by Motkuppally to merge the TDP in Telangana are not yet fulfilled. Congress leaders are now counting 70 seats Maew. Kodadaramaram Maestor .. People like Gupta Gaddar are busy in the establishment of the party. Anybody who is so confused is supporting it .. What parties do they have to do? Things become a thousand. On the other hand, Pawan Kalyan's second day tour is going on in Langkara. Pawan is showing love that has never been in the past. Telangana means love, life and love. He gave birth to Andhra Pradesh. But Telangana says reborn. He is trying his best to impress the Telangana people as a whole. The shock was shocked when the vote came out of the vote. But when it comes to talking about a political party is going to be unstable. He is suspected of being an actual politician. His parties did not give seats in castes. That's fine. He said he would contest the winning place. Pawan said that he will make KCR a tape ... Pawan is going to fly in Telangana. Communities are now viral. What is the umbrella for which sunshine it is ... Jai Telangana means shouting. Pawan says that Jai Telangana is the same as Vandematharam. It is remembered or told, when it says something against Telangana.

 The party did not talk about defection. Not a single word against KCR. That is why people like Kathi Mahesh are really saying that he does not work for the real politics. Jagan padayatra has moved from Chittoor district to Nellore. On the 69th day of the public movement, the district entered the district at Pelakuru Mandalam in Nellore district. After completing Kadapa, Kurnool, Anantapur and Chittoor districts, TDP and Chandrababu struck the way. But today there are not even big crowds in Nellore district. The first day is to say that the local leaders have succeeded in mobilizing people. Jagan criticized the allegations that he was promoting the media with his support. Investment is underway. Do not give any chance. Representatives of more than 4,000 companies from the world have stepped into Davos. Chandrababu acts to talk to the majority of the people and let the investments flow to AP. Analysis of the tactics of the company is talking to the representatives of the companies. At the same time, AP spoke to farmers and ordered to take measures to ensure that the crops such as rice. Leaders who usually go abroad do not care about the things here. But what is happening in Chandrababu AP? On the other hand, AP Congress president Raghavir Reddy spoke to the party chief Rahul Gandhi. It is not for me to run the party in the AP. Hand it to anyone. It seems to me that I have no objection. Raghuvira Reddy discussed Rahul Gandhi with AP politics. It seems that it has appealed to put pressure on the Center in Parliament for the implementation of guarantees in the Partition Act. The Congress, which is enjoying the curse of the AP people, is now enlightened to create a division of legislation properly. That is why the special status of the AP is to be mentioned