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Hyderabad, Jan 24, (
Sad to see Revantreddi .. TDP was a party all the time. Not in Telangana. Visakhapatnam went to participate in Mahanadu last year.
                                    REVANTH TURNED INTO A STONE IN CONGRESS

And the leader of that party .. came to his party .. another Bahubali .. Congress party blasted. Some seniors picked up as if we were going to be able to achieve what was going on. As a result .. Revantreddi bicycle got off. But .. months are there. Anyone who pony seniors has come up with .. Abbey is not there. There is some revatreddy rhetoric on the health minister of Laxmare Reddy. Laxmareddi gave it a tight counter.

While in the country party, TDP ranges were considered to be their hero. That's why .. Fleksis no visit in the state. Now .. go to Congress workers .. response is nominal. Revanat who feels that the wheel will turn the wheel .. katapapaga maraadatunnu .. Revantreddi fans are grinning some. Ponley .. will not give you a good position before the election! Expecting hope. However, Revantreddi is silently silent. The Congress will do whatever it takes to do more work .. I am working with local leaders ... what is it going to be .. Rahul is that he is dare.