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Midnight, January 20, (
Mahaputra arrangements for Maghaputra padramaniyana every hour are completed rapidly. Totally tribal, Saralamma jathara is the largest tribal region in Asia. The government predicts that it will come to jatara to visit mothers.

                                                PREPARATIONS FOR THE MAHATMA

All the arrangements will be made in favor of this. The first of the Mahadevaras in the Maha Gita Gudimelige festival is to be held today. Special salutations will be done to clean and decorate the pujasamagri along with the Sarlayamma temples in Sammaka, Kannepally in Madar. Madam is going to begin with the song. Jayamankar Bhopalapalli district will be held on the 31st to 3rd of this month in the Tadwa y Mandalam ceremony to celebrate the Maha Mahaputra for the four days.

 This time it is expected that the devotees will be attending the jatha. It is celebrated all over the world with the festivities of the temple. Once there were huts in the sarcas and saralamma of Kannapalli in Madam. Before hatching, these huts were repaired. The hut was replaced by a new roof. This is called the slogan. With this process, the java pooja programs are the same. There are no huts now. Buildings were replaced. No huts. This is the start of the Madaramm Sammakka, Salralamma Jatha, expecting the devotees of Kothi.