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Participatory ambition is to fill out the lives of the common people in poverty. In this endeavor, a good minded young man stands behind her. But some of the partition's determination
                                             THE 26TH PART IS GOING TO BE AHEAD

Politicians stand as an obstacle. Her life is dark. The devil is bound to her in a house that is fearful. What consequences did she have there? Part of that houseAnushka says that the story is the reason for this story. Her portrayal of the movie is part of the film. UV Vamsi and Pramod are producing the creations banner. G. Ashok director This month

The movie is going to come on 26th. The producers say that the thriller is a combination of suspense and horror elements. Who is the divider? It is interesting to know why her fight. RecentlyThe trailer released has good response. Over the cross in social media. We are confident that the film will be enjoyed at the same level. Music for this film: S. S. Taman.