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Chennai, January 18, (way2newstv.com):
Superstar Rajinikanth has already announced that he will set up a political party. But party name and other details are yet to be announced.

                                                              RAJINI HAS 33 SEATS

The superstar seems to be a bit slow in that regard. What is the effect of Rajani in this background? What effect does Rajani have on Tamil politics? It is an interesting topic for everyone. Even though the name of the Rajani party has not been announced, it is going to be tight. A news agency has conducted a study on this issue in the background. Rajinikanth's survey in Tamil Nadu has been surveyed to estimate the impact of Rajinikanth's influence in Tamil Nadu. Fans say that if the Rajani comes into politics he will become the CEO but if he comes in super politics, at least he can not even get to the opposition position. 

Tamil Nadu has a total of 234 Assembly seats. The study says that if the elections are held in the current situation, the majority seat will be the main opposition party. The study found that the DMK, the Congress and its affiliated chomato parties would have at least 130 seats. The AIADMK, which is in power at present, will be restricted to 68 seats, which is a no-confidence motion. What's up with Rajni? This study predicts that the super star will have a maximum of 33 seats. If all the lower seats come to Rajinikanth, it is not a different story. But the situation will not be the same.