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Hyderabad, January 18, (
Anushka Shetty's beauty Bhoomi is coming to the audience on 26th of this month. Anushka, who participated in the Tamil song release program in Chennai, said, "Bhagamati" has said. When asked about your marriage, Anushka said, "You have been lying in films and thinking about marriage.
                                                   FIND THE BOY FOR ME:ANUSHKA

Please find a boy for me. " In the interview, Anushka also commented on Prabhas's affinity with him. He has also said that he wants to do any kind of movies. Look at the screen. Bhale is a thrill. Director Ashok told this story in 2012. But I'm already busy with 'Bahubali' series, 'Linga' and 'Size Zero' movies. However, this is not a movie based on real life events. 'Romantic films are to be done:' 'I do not like the thriller movies. But because of the story, the films are committing to it. Producer Shamprasad Reddy has made me a 'Arundhati' film so that I can do such roles.

 I would not have been here if he was not. However, I have to do romantic films, "Anushka said. Anushka said in her mind that once again director Rajamouli wanted to work. Anushka replied that she is shocked by the rumors of friendship with Prabhas and Prabhas. "Yes, all of you are asking me about my marriage. Prabhas is a good friend of mine. But I can not call him brother. Can not we think of all the boys as an elder? " However, he did not know the habit of reading the news, so he did not know any news about him.