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Vijayawada, January 25, (way2newstv.com):
Athula Ramakrishna Reddy ... They do not have to go out on self-goals ... There is a 1000 crore scaffold in Sadarvati land, wasted court time and finally getting to the state, going to the court and beaten state revenue ... if the rupee I do not mind, that the land should not be sold, go to the court and finally, what did you do ...

The court has said that the matter is being closed down in the High Court ... So, the four goes to the state, and finally the state has been shattered by the VCP ... The case of the Sadarwathy Satraam land is inconclusive in the office of the Bhubaripalana Commissioner in Tamil Nadu The High Court bench clarified that ... The High Court has closed the proceedings claiming that there is no jurisdiction in the Supreme Court ... The MLAs of the Mangalgiri MLA Alaya Ramakrishna Reddy went to the High Court challenging the sale of an amount of 83.67 crores in the auction of 83 acres of Tamil Nadu in the Satara Vidyaraya Satara.

The proceedings came to the Supreme Court and the Supreme Court ordered to reopen the High Court again. Tamilnadu circa hai kurta Hosted by filing a supplementary petition and arguments were heard in the land who were satranivi sadavarti. On the other hand, private individuals have filed a subsidiary petition that they have some area of ​​land. On Tuesday, the case came to trial for another time. The advocate of the advocate of the Satavarmathi Satyam. The local court of Tamil Nadu had ruled in 1924 that the land was in the bathroom. It was unlikely that an appeal was made to grant these land grants at the Commissioner of Land Survey in Tamil Nadu ... The bench that heard the arguments and closed the inquiry to claim arguments