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Vizag, January 25, (
Another water power plant will be constructed in Vishakha Mani and Sailarai. It has recently been proposed to build a lighthouse scheme to build a 1,000 MW power plant. We have done a full survey on the possibilities of this background, "said Jenko Hyald Director Nageswara Rao. Dondakai and Sailar reservists are in favor of setting up the project and it is proposed to be set up here and it will cost Rs five crore per unit.

The survey was conducted and a comprehensive report for further action would be set up by the DPRVO. Later, the Forest Department and Environmental Protection departments have to come from the Center. It will take four months. The tenders have been completed and the tasks of the project have been handed over to the Navyaugan Constructions. The demand for electricity from seven to eight megawatts in the state, Vijayawada Dharmal Power Station said there was no power shortage. Bind and Solar power stations in the state are also preferred as part of environmental conservation. Solar has 1,800 MW electricity and Bind will produce four thousand MW power. The power generated by hydro power stations is a much needed requirement for utilization of electricity generated by this. Nageshwara Rao said that solar plants have been set up to supply another 2,000 MW of power in the state, with 800 MW in Anantapur, 200 MW in Kadapa and 1000 MW in Kurnool. 

The water reserves in Krishna and Seelar bases are hopeful and there is no power production till March 31. He said that there are 37 tiensi water reservoirs in the sealed basin, where power generation is provided and the irrigation water will be provided to Godavari Delta. Hydel Director Nageswara Rao said steps are being taken to create mini hydro power stations in joint ventures in Aobby. The two states have signed an agreement to set up a powerhouse of 60 MW capacity. He said, "There is a possibility of starting work in another two months. The Machchand Reservoir is taking steps to modernize, and the hydro power plant is capable of exceeding the capacity of the power plant. In 2016, 700 MW produced and 650 MW in 2017.