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Hyderabad, Jan 11, (way2newstv.in):A survey of 500 cities across the country has been launched by the Clean Survey to identify sanitation. Even though the city governing body provides GHMC how much better it is, the city officials will have a better ranking of two minutes. He also suggested that the urban population should be informed that the survey was launched and the survey will continue till 4th of this month. Etayincanunnayani officials said.

 Commissioner Janardhan Reddy suggested that the urban people should work hard to improve the city's image in the country by responding positively to all questions. Last year, our survey was held in 75 cities and Hyderabad ranked 19th. In a survey of over 500 cities this time, the survey was positively answered and asked to take part in the survey to keep the city on top. Of the total 2,000 marks, 900 marks will be given to the direct observation of central municipal affairs, 450 marks for telephone opinion polling by telephone and another 150 marks for volunteers and My GHMC App.

 We have to do our best to get a better rank, volunteering to participate in a pure survey. Tollfree number 1969 should be given a missed call, and again we have a call from a pure survey
 Then there will be a message for the Telugu language, 1 for English, 2 for English and then from Hyderabad to the PINCODE number. Then we will enter our 500001 number. Ask the citizen who speaks on the phone six questions, By pressing, the rank we expect is coming to our city.
That's six questions
* Is your area clean now in comparison to the past?
* Did you notice that this year's dustbins were set up in market areas?
* Has the process of garbage procurement been improved this year?
* Are you available to public / community toilets this year?
* Did the public / community toilet find water, plush, lighting, washing facilities? Questions are coming up.