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Warangal January 23 (
The demand fortailor-President, Dr. K. Laxman said cesaruhanmakondalo participated in the discovery of the medaram godapatrika fair.

                                             THAT SIX MLA'S SHOULD BE BURNT

Dr. Lakshman criticized the TRS government saying that the townships of Warangal Urban Auditization, Bhadrakali Temple, Veetandabha Temple etc are not taking any action. Maharashtra Governor and Union Ministers are likely to be present at the venue, "he said. He said the central government has sanctioned hundreds of quotas for Warangal under Smart City but the State Sarkar has not developed any development programs. TRS Sarkar, who allocated thousands of crores for embroidery, has not spared a single rupee. TRS Sarkar, who is misleading people by making masks in every aspect, has nothing to do with the people. He said the struggles against the anti-people policies pursued by KCR will be intensified. Dr. Lakshman said that the BCCG is conducting a massive campaign to convince the Sarkar to vote for the vote bank politics.

The Deputy Chief Minister of KCR, who is the Dalit chief minister, has also been terminated. Embarrass leader Mankkrishna, who is struggling for social development, has been arrested and oppressed. KCR Sarkar said, "From the beginning, we are throwing people and attacking Dalits and rape," Dalit Adalat said. Dr Laxman said, "We will launch a massive BSc campaign in Zahirabad. We will soon announce the war on women's morcha and conduct a massive public meeting in Adilabad district," he said. He said he would conduct the tours from February 19 to 23 with 100 artists. Vaniki cebutamannaru the appropriate lesson.
Dr. Lakshman said that people do not believe in the Congress party which has been accused of corrupt corruption. The TRS is an alternative party to the BJP in the state and the Congress is a drowning party in the state.