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Karimnagar, January 23 (way2newstv.com):
Janasana President Pawan Kalyan met the leaders of three joint districts of Karimnagar, Nizamabad and Adilabad in Karimnagar Shimla Gardens on Tuesday.

                                                   JAI TELANGANA: PAWAN KALYAN

Pawan started speech with the slogan 'Jai Telangana'. He said that the enthusiasm of the janmars is very enthusiastic. "If I was born," Telangana said, "When I came to full-fledged politics, there was a reason behind Karimnagar, the heart of the heart. Jai Telangana means a tale Pawan pulakaristundani said. He said that Vande Mataram .. Jai Telangana slogans, such as what he told everybody that he had no personal antipathy tanevaritonaina vibhedistanannaru wise policies.Pawan Kalyan said that there is a need for new blood for politics. 

He said he has been in live politics since 2009. Pawan said that his life is of great importance to Telangana language, slang and culture in his films. Social justice is simply not the seats, not the vote. Our language, our accent and our culture should be given priority. The non-existence of religion is a janjana party. Kalyan has declared that nationalism is a genocidal target that has not been ignored. Pawan Kalyan, who said that the caste of politics is high in politics, is unlikely to come to politics. For some caste politics is limited. The social justice is not to give seats and give equal opportunity to all. Telangana. Everyone has the responsibility to protect the new state. Telangana called for Janasana to prepare for a long battle for the disadvantages of Telangana. Pawan Kalyan said that I am here for you to meet your sufferings. He is happy to start his political career from Telangana.