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Hyderabad, Jan 30 (
On the ninth day of February, two mega heroes test their luck with their films. On the other hand, Varun Tej is coming up with his first film, while Saidharam Tez is coming up with 'Intelligent'. Varun has been on the super hit of the last film 'Fida'. But Sai Dharam is still in the line with three falls.

                                        VARUN TEJ WHO TOOK THE BALAYYA HELP

The hero is in the wrong direction with the fourth film. He has also made a huge investment in the film. Sukumar's budget is Rs 35 crores for Vinayak's film. There is a lot of work on promotion in the background. For the sake of this, the non-mega heroes are also taking the helluppu nirumdhamuri nanasimham balayya and prabhas promoting this movie. Prabhas is going to do that .. Enjoy the Mega Family Hero movie Balayya.

 Some film fans are part of mega fans, Nandamuri fans split. Though the heroes are in harmony, the fans are staring at them. In this order, Balayya is promoting hero of the Mega family. If he promotes "intelligent" with the intimacy of Vinayak with Balayya, this is an invitation.