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Vijayawada, Jan 29, (
The list of leaders listening to the Bharatiya Janata Party is disputed in media discussions. The list of 19 leaders to participate in TV discussions on the party was released. However, it has been a debate in the party that has passed away from the past for a long time all the fairer of the Telugu Desam Party, Syankisor TV debates on behalf of the party, suresreddi, ayyajivarma, kotesvararavu, pardhasarathi, raghunadhababu, srinivasaraju, sudhisrambhotla, Satyanarayana, anjaneyareddi, bhanuprakasreddi, Narasimha santareddi, ramesnayudu, visnuvardhanreddi, tirupatiravu, sambayya, Wilson, would Baazi Press release.


However, the lack of the names of the wrong leaders in the TDP's attitude towards the BJP government in the TV talk and media meetings have long been disputed. It is unfair to say that the Center is not doing anything but it is unfair, and the Modi-BJP is misleading, and some leaders are taking up the issue of not taking any action against TDP leadership. By hitting such voices, the criticism of TDP leadership is trying to appease. The senior leaders who questioned TDF policies from time to time have been criticized for not including names such as Raghuram, Lakshmipathy Raja, Chak Ramakottayya, Jupudi Rangaraju and Bhupathi Raju Srinivasvarman in AP. Among them are coordination between AP-Delhi leaders, senior leader Raghuram, who is closely associated with Amit Shah, and Juppudi, Ramakottayya, Lakshmipathy Raja have been recalling for a long time since TV talks and media meetings.

 The leaders have said that the TDP should not be included in the list of candidates, and the state government will not be complaining about the central government's funding and schemes. There is a lot of social love in it. The argument that the list of those who resigned from the party five months ago was unqualified in the party circles. Did the resignation be accepted? Did the President want him to continue pony? Leaders are asking. While resenting a unilateral discharge from the original Courtship Committee on the list of key panelists, After the appointment of Haribaba as president, the new committees have not been made and his tenure has been completed and Kishan Reddy is recalling that the committee has been appointed as president. In that order, this list is invalid. Many leaders have complained to Amit Shah, the party's national president, that the party's voices in the latest list are not included in the discussions, but the TDP anti-leaflets do not participate in media discussions. It has been reported that people who have been resigning and those who have resigned have been engaged in the party office.