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Vijayawada, Jan 30, (way2newstv.com):
The CID investigation into the CID's investigation into the valuable land of crores of rupees with fake certificates reveals. The 47th division corporation driver Ganga Mahesh Chakra, a follower of the Telugu Desam Party MLA Bonda Uma Hayeswara Rao, was supposed to capture the land belonging to a freedom fighter. Land is registered in the name of MLA's wife. However, sellers are not real owners of land. Saturn has been completed with fake documents created as patrons. The CID officials have registered a case against eight of them, including Rami Shetty Koteswara Rao and MLA Bonda Uma's wife Sujatha. But here's the story.

                                                WAMMOO....BONDA IS GREAT DARK 

Rameshetti Koteswara Rao, who is accused in the CID case, has now become an absurd. He says that he has nothing to do with a scandal, Gadu Mahesh, MLA, Bonda Uma, and others have been sentenced to death by the city police commissioner Damodar Gautam Sawang Sunday. The Central Emperor Bonda Uma has opened up an estimated Rs 40 crore worth of earthquake in Ikkaaka. The 47th Division TP Corporation of Gaya, Mahesh, is a follower of Banda Uma Maheshwara Rao, MLA from Vijayawada Central constituency. Ramishti Surendra, who worked as a car driver, needed money for his father Ramesi Koteswara Rao's house and earned Rs. He asked Mahesh to lend 5 lakh rupees. Mahesh signed a blank stamp paper from Koteswarar Rao. The taluk office and registrar office also signed. K. Suresh from the Mogralajapuram in the city made a complaint in the CID Additional DG Office in 2017. In his complaint he complained that some 5 acres of the 10 acres of land offered to his grandfather, his grandfather, were some of the current 5 acres with false testimonies. The CID officers went into the scene. 

The land is divided into two and a half acres of 5 acres, Mastan and two and a half acres with Ramiset Koteswara Rao and sell them to sale registrations. That is why the real thing is gone. Koteswara Rao who signed for debt collected and made the owner of the freedom fighter and created fake documents and completed the registration process. The first accused in the CID case was Mastan, the second accused Rami Shetty Koteswara Rao, eighth accused Bonda Uma's wife Sujatha, as well as realists Maganti Babu and Fahunugu Ramesh. The CID officers have searched the house for Koteswara Rao's house as part of the investigation. That is why Kotheswara Rao. He was convicted by the CID officials. He said he did not know that his signatures were taken and that they had committed the same scam. The authorities recorded his statement in the presence of the judge. At the same time, the corporator Gunduri Mahesh was brought to the judge by the pressure from his followers and he had a life sentence. The CID officers were taken to the Krishnankankal police with his orders and the victim complained that the victim had filed a complaint. In his complaint, the CID Case accused 8 people along with Banda Uma, along with others.