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Adilabad, Jan 9 (way2newstv.in):In order to overcome the scarcity of farm laborers, the government is allocating heavily funds to provide modern agriculture equipment on subsidies. But the goal is not fulfilled as they are not timely released. Funds were allocated for the implementation of the mechanization scheme in the beginning of the season. How much subsidy, what equipment, how many units, supplies and guides have been issued. But the end of the financial year was not released.
In Joint District there are more than four lakh farmers. Harvesters need to be employed till harvesting from farming plants at the beginning of harvest.
The government is supplying subsidy to small farms that require farmers, including heavy machinery, to overcome the shortages of labor and to do agricultural work in a short time. A total of Rs. 45.36 crores has been allocated to the joint district of the district. Allocated funds and units to be distributed through equipment. These are sanctioned accordingly. But so far we have not come to Niapaisa. It is learned that the prices of the GST are likely to be deducted due to the implementation of the scheme. Asked by officials that machine tools would be used, they did not get details of the price. Farmers are worried about the timing of completion and lack of modern equipment while the yachy continues.
Initially, the officials who have applied to apply for the mechanization scheme will get direct applications for tractors. The farmers are directly receiving applications from farmers, as the Government said that the government has not been allowed to take applications until next orders are given 10 to 15 tractors. Other devices do not take applications. Originally, the farmers who want to be a modern instrument must first fill the form of application form and submit the required documents to the zonal conglomerate. He will examine them and give them back to the farmers. Take them and register online through the nearest service. After registering in your service, you will need to re-apply your application to the Mandal Agriculture Department or to the relevant dealers. Examine the online applications and send them to AD and then JD.

 Applications have to be examined and ordered. Devices are distributed to the beneficiaries from the respective dealers or at one time zonal center. The authorities did not even pay much attention to the scheme because the funds were not released.
The expenditure incurred for implementing government schemes is from March to March. Funds are allocated for the start of the season, so far, it is doubtful that the cost of funding is not clear. Since the annual funding is delayed, the objective of the program is to backfire and funding.

 The allocation of funds allocated this year has not been released yet, most of which is allocated to the CHCs and the goal is less likely to be completed. Bank loan is mandatory for modern equipment under CAC. The discounted amount of the total unit cost will be made from the entire bank. Subsidy released by the government will be released to bank accounts. Rs 25 crore is allocated for CAGCs. In the end of the financial year, the authorities were hired to complete the target. RKVY funding was not the original release.

From the superiors in the choice of the beneficiaries to the scientists, the piravis are in the grant of the tractors. Farmers are concerned that the parties are being granted grants in the respective areas. In the past, two of them were given the mandate. If applicants are in the case of low units, farmers want to be granted a lottery system. But the authorities are tired of the pressures of the leaders and give subsidized equipment to the people they are suggesting. Farmers would like to make transparent distribution of equipment at any time. As funds allocated, prices, subsidy financing, grant release, etc. are released to the farmers at the end of the season.