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Kaikalur, Jan 9 (way2newstv.in):Collier's issue is a key issue in state politics .. Leaders have given assurances for over three lakh people in 122 villages in the lake. The 40,000 acres of land that was dispersed by the lake contour from five to three would be distributed. Apart from these, the jury and the community lands and the collateral will be replaced by additional 7,500 acres during the operation. The people who are visiting villages in Collerale are hoping that the central government has accepted the principle of distribution of the society and the jurisdiction of the land.
In 1999, the Supreme Court issued a mandate for intent to safeguard the environment. In 2006, the Congress government destroyed the orders and destroyed the fish ponds in the lake of the operation. The people here had to live with immigrants. According to locals' requests in 2008, TDPa and Congress have reduced unanimous resolutions in the Legislative Assembly to reduce Contour +3. As a result, the TDP-backed BJP candidate Kaminieni Srinivas won from kaikaloour constituency. In the seven constituencies of the Eluru Parliament, the people of Kollegar were standing in the tippeppukku mganti Venkateswara Rao as the MP. Kalleriyar community leaders Minister Kaminieni Srinivas and MP Maganti have been fiercely trying to relocate the lands since then.

There are 136 societies in Krishna and West Godavari districts. Each community has a hundred members. At that time 50 acres were assigned to each community and dug ponds. This amount is about 13,600 acres. Due to the absence of contour calculations, community tanks were allocated in areas where water was available. All these lands are said to be in the 0, 1, 2 and 3 Contour. The members of the Society were able to live between Rs.10,000 to Rs 20,000 per annum. There are approximately 14,200 acres in both districts. The British government and the subsequent governments did not have to pay for the land they could not afford. They did not pay compensation in collateral operation. The farmers did not agree if the government had decided Rs.2 lakh per acre. This has resulted in the benefit of the land acquired by them since then. Ziryuthi lands also in +5 Cantor, where the ponds can not be forced to kill them in operation.

Fisheries above the fifth contour are all ponds. Lands within the Contour are under the jurisdiction. The central and state governments are taking steps to protect these lands. In some villages in two districts, Collier was set up under the Wildlife Conservation Act. There are no people who can not assume that the land where the leaders will deliver will come from. Collier should wait to see how the problem is fulfilled.