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Hyderabad, February 2, (way2newstv.com):
The Union Ministry of Human Resources plans to give 'world status' tag to the best standards universities. With such a tag, UGC funds will be increased and will allow you to invite students from any country in the world to open foreign affairs departments. On the other hand, those universities can go abroad and even invite the students there. These categories will be selected by universities, including infrastructure, teaching staff, relatively non-teaching staff, accommodations for students, library and lab facilities. As the Human Resources Ministry initiates this initiative, 100 universities in the country are competing for this status. While some universities have these qualifications, they can not be marketing and are in the framework of the traditional regulatory framework and are not limited to modern needs, but are limited to only a few places to attract students.


In Europe and other parts of the world, just as they have been in the forefront of attracting foreign students. Human Resources Ministry has been studying deeply in the past five years on the principles of world-renowned varsities and already allocated freedom and funding for 10 public and 10 private universities in the country. They also took the necessary academic steps to get a place in the list of hundred universities in the world. On the other side, the application for the list of top varsities has been received and 100 applications have come to HRD. There are 10 Central Universities, 25 government-owned government universities, 20 national level educational institutions and six deemed universities. In the private sector, 9 volunteers and 16 deemed universities applied under the brownfield category and 8 private educational institutions applied under the greenfield category. 

The Center has intended to increase infrastructure and create an institutional mechanism among the universities. Create a competitive competition between the university's universities and set up an authorized committee to examine the achievements, basic statistics, research papers and teaching staff, the world's reputation, patents and students' talents. The committee creates limits and observes the competition between different universities and places the final list by applying the points based on their progress. Thus, the recognized university is entitled to the international level of freedom. The University of Hyderabad Central University, English and Foreign Languages ​​has applied to the University of Hyderabad, Andhra University and private varsity Iqfi and deemed university, which enjoys over 30 per cent foreign students and a 25 per cent faculty and offers 20 per cent online courses. The 'song' is located Yi.