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Medak, February 2, (
The Siddipet District Government Hospital is ideally situated in the implementation of 'E-Drug'. In addition to patients being hospitalized, the drugs are being checked online and they are being interrupted. About 19,000 patients have already been registered online in Siddipet district. 

                                                THIS MEDICATION IN SIDDIPET...

The Siddipet Government District Hospital provides advanced services with corporate hospitals. The doctors are testing hundreds of patients who are hospitalized and provide free medicines in the pharmacy. However, in the past, the number of patients and prescription drugs were recorded by handwriting. Patients and pharmaceutical information is not good for this method. The government has identified the drugs that it is misleading. Now the state has special attention on the improvement of hospitals and the improvement of medical services. It has provided the E-medicine system for transparency and transparency. 

Thus, a special unit was set up at the district hospital and trained with computers and staff. In addition, special software has been created to record daily patients and medication details. This policy is being implemented from March 2017. So far, 19,112 patients have been registered in this drug. The Siddipet district hospital is ideally situated in state level with this system.