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Tirumala, February 2, (way2newstv.com):
TTD has taken steps to provide additional laddoits to Sriwari devotees. The charity is looking to burden the deficit with the return of Laddua's luxurious rewards while maintaining free laddo and subsidy laddoes. 

                                    30 THOUSAND LADDED DAY BY RISING PRICES

Recently, Tatas (175 grams) of Rs. 25 price, Rs.50, kalyanotsavam ludu from Rs 100 to Rs 200 and Rs. This led to the reduction of luduli sales in the block. However, there is no supply to meet demand. The demand for laddo with a price of Rs. 50 is high. TTD plans to increase the number of additional laddoos to 50 thousand. According to the 2018 annual calculation, the cost of Ladduo was Rs 37. TDT free laddo, two subsidized laddoos at Rs 10 each and two laddoes with a price of Rs 25. 

This results in an additional burden of Rs 250-250 crore per annum. With the increased prices, more than 30,000 laddoats are sold daily. The authorities are planning to increase this number by 50 thousand rupees and also to increase sales and sales of kalyana festival.