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Vijayawada,February 12,(
For the purposes of the state, the BJP has decided that the TDP should fight in Parliament, and the state will have to be in the Assembly for the same purpose. Mainly state government funds in Rayalaseema.The decision to issue more funds to the ongoing projects has been decided by the Assembly and the council. According to party sources, there is anxiety in parliament.The Bharatiya Janata Party (Rashtriya Janata Party) has formally decided to walk in the path of an alliance with the center of the Telugu Desam. Such as water supply to the district of Hendri-Niwa, Galeri-Nagari and Kurnool district.Information is expected to be raised in the House till the government is forced to put pressure on both the government and the government until clear assurances from the government. 


The leaders of the Rayalaseema party have been putting pressure on the leadership in recent times. Leadership is just working for coastal and northern interests and addressing their people's problems.No complaints were reported to the party leadership. Even though their party leaders are talking about Europe, they have also raised their concerns in the Assembly like the TDP in Parliament.This decision has been made, as the pressures to achieve increase in leadership. The revelations of Rayalaseema, such as Chandrababu, Galeri-Nagari and Hendri-Neva,The BJP, which is already questioning why Tuesday and Wednesday does not change, is expected to sit in the assembly-council on the budget. There are mainly BJP issues, thereThe pending irrigation projects are expected to be demolished by 2019 like polavaram. The Kurnool district should be completed with the annihilation of the Vandavati projectIt has been decided to raise funds for the budget. There is no funding for Telugu, Tungabhadra's right-to-left calendar modernization, the completion of the Hendri-Neva Project phase 1,2

In addition to starting 3rd phase activities and taking the ridership to Page 1, Srisailam will refer to unfair use of backwater. Similarly, medical, irrigation, panchayati raj, IT, housing,Information on the decision to focus on Bee, Revenue and Municipal Departments State Govt Officers will be abused by mercenaries on merchants in order to discredit the Center after the GST There is a whispering whisper. The progress of the projects undertaken by the central and state-funded projects, functioning of state-funded projects Referring to the funding and demanding higher budgets. Especially the use of funds received from various departments from the center, DPR submission and utility certificates. Center When TDP allegedly accused the state of being unfair, one of the leaders asked us to mention the injustice of the state to Rayalaseema. 'Let us go to TDP in this matter Showed. Congratulations to them. In Parliament, they are struggling to see that the Center has done injustice in the Budget, And should not we also fight for the budget for projects here?People are asking us because we have promised to meet. There is pressure on the Rayalaseema project to be completed by 2019, mainly like Polavaram. We are the assembly,

Address in the council and worry about a certain guarantee. Should not we also respect the public opinion as a political party? Now your media are highlighting the fight against TDP.Some people are moving to the public. We will also see how these two communities will respond if we fight in the Assembly-Council on state issues, "a senior leader said. State government BJM state president Vishnuvardhan Reddy demanded that the TDP government recognize the sentiments of the people in the budget to provide more funds for Rayalaseema.