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Kashibugga Feb 05 (
Casablanca region is Rs. The crops worth of crops are inseparable. Hundreds of acres of land lying beside the highway were robbed. How much do you want to have their names in computer labels? Some people get possession of their lands. They are rich and they are employed .. There are people in the country .. Bandy traders and politicians .. But there are no real portfolios of such high-profile lands. This is the story of the Deed Patta lands in Ramakrishnanapuram Revenue area of ​​Palasa Mandalam.

                                                      THERE IS NOTHING TO FIND

Survey No. 148 in the Ramakrishnanam Revenue area has a number of subdivisions and 558 acres have been recorded in about 150 names on computer platforms. Hundreds of government land has been taken to the wrong place. Registrations with false documents. Rs. The hands of the coats have changed. With the emergence of a huge land scam, several sources have sent reports to district and state superintendents. Initially, a team of officers with Tekkali RDO Venkateshwara Rao had handed over the basic documents to the district authorities. After the birthplace program, there will be a comprehensive investigation. When the birthplace is over, the complete investigation has been forgotten. Is the political leaders involved in the investigation? Revenue officials should know whether they are blocking any other reasons.
Ordivo recently inquired the three VVRs who worked in the revenue department as the original files were missing in relation to government land in the Ramakrishnanapuram Revenue area. The information collected from them during the trial was kept confidential. On the whole, it is evident that the real portfolios of the government lands in the Ramakrishnanam Revenue area are behind the same.

The administrative agency has taken steps to provide houses for government land in the Ramakrishnanam Revenue area for the expatriate offshore reservoir, The land acquisition is about 50 acres. There are even lands in the survey numbers that are scattered by the portfolios. There are obstacles to making a list of compensation payments for these lands. There is a situation where there is no known land in whose name. The trees in the land were removed for months and not paid to anybody. The compensation payment issue has not yet arrived.
Ramakrishnapuram has been identified in recent times in the revenue scene and some warning boards have been set up. Some of them were caught. There is no movement in the Revenue Mechanism so far. Officials have announced that they will allocate up to 100 acres for industrial and industrial science center on the other. It is blue. The warning board has been set up in the area of ​​100 acres of land. That's it. On the whole, what will be done to the Akramans in the matter of the land of Ramakrishnapuram is becoming questionable.