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Vijayawada, February 27,(
The trouble with Vijayawada MLA Bonda Umamaheswara Rao is not yet cleared. It is known that the dispute over the transport officer was disrupted by the minister. Now the MLA will be brought to the seat. The accused have surrounded the freedom fighter's land. The ruling party MLA has been given a whisper  to evade it from witnessing the fact that it has literally taken lightly in the past. The government has already told the MLA that the MLA is a chintamaneni Prabhakar. As part of this, the MLA will be questioned by his followers in the presence of RDVO.


They are looking at documents from their sides. Last year, Magatama Babu registered a space of 75 cents at Abdul. There is ready to develop. The MLA said that he had canceled the registration in December. He demands an inquiry if necessary. And he threw a challenge that he would get out of politics if he was convicted. Uma, who was in the dispute with a cancerous girl who had been suffering from a woman in the past, complained that she had gone to empty places with her followers. Uma's father had caused the road accident to hull chull  with the car racing and then created a dilemma. All these controversies become a leader in the TDP. The head of Chandrababu Naidu also informed that there are serious cases in this regard. Often in the controversies, the masking of the party's image is already on the notebook. This is going to be counted in the next election.