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New Delhi, February 27, (News Pulse)
Union Minister of State for Telangana Sushma Swaraj. And AP Union minister purandeswari.   arrives Vizag at Morning Flight and is the only leader to return to the Evening Flight. The lesson of the debate  was going on. It's all in the past. Time has changed. People were tapped to the hell in the AP. As a result she trusted the BJP. It was a mistake to contest from Rajampet. In the Kadapa district, the seat was given a losing streak to win the place where it was not introduced.

 Her strong belief is that the late Chief Minister NTR's daughter, Purandeswari, will be able to emerge in the AP by giving preference to the BJP. That is why Purandeswari seems to be moving towards the seat. She is one of the leaders who is an outstanding leader of the BJP. High Command is making the idea of hosting her services in national politics. That is why the idea is to send from Karnataka to Rajya Sabha. In the next election, if the BJP again comes to power at the Center, the idea of ​​putting the Congress in the Union Cabinet. Purandeswari was one of those who spoke against Chandrababu in AP. That is why she is preparing the idea of ​​preparing her. Of the 16 states in the country, 58 seats will be held. Karnataka has seats. One of them has been reported to have been given to Purandeswari. This is done because she does not have the right constituency to contest the Lok Sabha in the AP. There is a tie-up with Chandrababu, but she is thinking of sending a letter to the elders.


Daggubati Venkateswara Rao's wife is trying his best to strengthen the party in the AP. If TDP is in the middle of the BJP, the leader like Purandeswari will be replaced. She is likely to be able to contribute to the BJP's rise in the AP if she is in the center. Now the Kamaladalam is predicting. Conversation with TRS This is the talk of Nalgonda to Adilabad, from Parakkala to Palamuru. The TRS is trying to retain power in all the 2019 elections. On the other hand, the party will move the power target with the ones who meet. There is a possibility that the government will be able to take advantage of the disadvantage. 

At this time KCR is putting up the advance strategy. As part of its constituency with its own intelligence, the party strengths and weaknesses of leaders are collecting public opinion. As part of this, it has been reported that the survey was recently conducted by the International Institute for International Studies. About 50 MLAs were reported to have come under the influence of anti-air force in their respective regiments. By revealing the same thing, the chief Minister KCR who thinks the risk of distancing his own leaders is slowly entering the second cadet leaders in the respective constituencies. Things have started to disturb the news. Facing many problems who is in the list of the  KCR. The power  is a strong belief in pink leaders. What is it? Opposition among the leaders of the campaign raises the of giving migrants the opportunity. Some ministers publicly expressed their disillusion. Another factor is the ministers who want to be in the Cabinet.