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Hyderabad, February 1, (
The government will build houses for double bedroom houses for the homeless poor in the metropolis. Already in many places the construction of houses has started, and in some other places the tasks have reached the final stage.

                                      DOUBLE BEDROOMS WITH NEW TECHNOLOGY

The surgeon is doing all sorts of effort to complete these as soon as possible and to the poor. Encourages the use of available technology to encourage companies to use. The GHMC also invited tenders to build 6,000 double bedroom houses for the city residents at Rampalli in the suburban area of ​​GHMC. Responsibilities for building homes were the same company. At present, the company is ready to use modern technology at a cost of Rs.7.9 lakh and Rs 75,000 for infrastructure development for each double bedroom house. It is planning to adopt the concept of tunnelphon construction in Turkey. This practice, originally implemented in the French country, is now widely used in Turkey. GHMC officials said that the construction of various constructions in Bangalore and Chennai is also undertaken. At present, the old system is being constructed on a floor per month, with a new approach to constructing a three-day long work. 

Tunnelfam Construction. With this new modern approach, only the cellars can be piled and the floors are constructed without pylons. Each floor on the cellar is constructed with six inches thick walls. Separately, the bins are ready to be prepared and set up, with the cement rolling up the structure. First one can only use the same steel bins for the top of the floor, making the bins in fixed sizes with only the right fit for a floor and the floor is completed in three days. If the contracted company succeeds in successfully implementing this process, 6,000 double bedroom homes can be completed at the record time.