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Hyderabad, February 1, (way2newstv.com):
Political heat started in the state. The mutual criticism between TRS-Congress and the success of the leaders in the ruling party has begun to take place in the constituencies. In the Malkajigiri parliamentary constituency, there was an agitation in the pink squad. There seems to be some internal differences between MP Malla Reddy and MLA Vivek. If the MP is trying for his political heir, the MLAs are worried about the suspicions that their seats are being raised. Fighting between the two parties is confusing in party workers. It is aware of the events. The result was both defeated. The internal fight between the MLA and the MLAs in the ruling party (TRS) again seems to emerge from Malkajigiri. In the midst of this, MPs have been mentally troubled between Mallaru Reddy and Vivek, and the activists are beginning to think that they are going to attend the various programs and the other is absconding.

                                           POLITICALLY SPEAKING IN TELANGANA

In the upcoming elections, the MPs have been trying to get Kuttublapur Assembly ticket to his son, and the activists were concerned that the rumors were shaking their heads. Negotiations between the activists continue to be intense as the MP has made comments on the party funding if necessary. Kumbhlippur MLA KP Vivek, who is aware of this by activists The MPs, who are negotiating internally with her community, have been paying attention to his comments. It was revealed that the MLA took the matter to the party headquarters. The MLA and district collectors have to attend the function in Sumitham on 28th of this month as part of the Pulppolo program as the MLA Vivek has been delayed or absent during the last few days. But only one MP's Mallaradevi came in and was more concerned with the activists. Party MPs think that the MPs will contest as MLAs, as part of which actively engages party sectors to participate in active activities to increase its impact in two to three constituencies. MP Mallarareddy, who specially focuses on Medchal, Kutublapur and ElBinagar Assembly constituencies, has been engaged in a series of activities, This was followed by a series of suspicions of activists in Kutbulpur and Medchal constituencies that were rushed to the local legislators. In the internal fight between former MPs and MLAs in the past, the cadre has given the orders as well as orders issued to the local government representatives. MLA Sudhir Reddy, in the Madchal constituency, has already spoken about the issue and has strongly condemned the local authorities. 

When the MP went along with the ultimatum to come along with him, the MPs began to rumors that MP Mallaraddi was forced to hold on to Kuthulpalpur only. This led to an agitation in TRS activists in the constituency. Activists are concerned about the intricate internal conflicts between the MLA and the MPs that they are at risk. In fact there are internal differences between MPs and MLAs? Do not have any? As the prospects of assembly polls are getting better, MP Mallaradevi has been impressed with the Congress ticket for his political successor. Hence, it has been reported that the process of setting up a new constituency between Medchal and Kutublapur constituencies is not enough to know how to look at two constituencies. Will the MP Mallaradeddi contest as the MLA in the next election? Or not? In the background of the question of the question of the question, it seems that it has been an introducing strategy to take over as his successor. The MPs are planning to bring Marri Rajasekhara Reddy, the head of the Marri Lakshmanandreddi Group of Institutions in Doodalapalli in politics. MP Mallaru Reddy has come up with the information that will take place in the two constituencies of Medchal and Kutublapur, with special focus on the villages adopted by the MPs and the surrounding areas.