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Hyderabad, February 22 (way2newstv.com):
The Department of Civil Supplies has successfully implemented a strict E-Pass (Electronic Point of Sale) approach in 17000 ration shops as no other department of Telangana state government has attempted. For the last ten months, IT team, Joint collectors, District Officers, Assistant Civil Supplies Officers, Deputy Tahsildars,coordinates with System Integrator Oasis were Traveled in the remote areas of the state, connecting  to NIC and UIDAI servers with information about these areas and send fingerprints and biometric data taken. Dealer, politicians and beneficiaries successfully completed the prestigious EPAS project. The EPOS policy has helped in handing over the surplus goods to qualified beneficiaries and reimbursement of surplus goods at the back of the government. E-pass (electronic point of sale) policy has been successful in checking ration dealers' irregularities without ratcheting goods to the beneficiaries in the public distribution system.


The implementation of the E-Pass System

The Department of Citizens opened this method in 1545 shops in Greater Hyderabad in March 2016. However, these machines can only be used for the distribution of essential commodities through fingerprints. In the face of non-cash transactions, civil engineering units have revolutionized changes. Provided better facilities than ever and set up low cost missions