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Vijayawada,February 20,(
The new new schemes..and the new companies ... to be filled with the Bejawada secret center of the center ... Mafia Maharajs are going to own Bejawada ... police .. the sources are going to sleep ... but soon after the support of Vijayawada cottippattu .. While many states continue to ban, Andhra Pradesh is one of them. Gutka and Khaini are gradually in the South, which is limited to the northern states. This dry powder made from wicker powder, tobacco and other banned substances can easily be affected by the mouth, throat, nausea, and other cancers. The ban on the Gutka Masala was written by the central government five years ago by the central government after the caners were rampant.


The ban has been deteriorated due to neglect of several branches. In the case of gutka, the offense of damaging the health of the victims is recorded under section 270 and 273. However, police and urban health, food, drug control and vigilance departments are treated as 'Yamaunathir' who are not responsible for the need to intervene. In fact, there are allegations that some of these officers continue to have checks and seizures, but these segments are in the hands of some of the officers who are in the grip of the gutka, marijuana and drugs mafia in the province of Bejawada, inadvertently quitting drugs such as gutka and marijuana. There are questions about how the intricacies of the intelligence system are sleeping ... the mafia playing with the lives of the youth ... will continue to trade the drugs and delivering the business ... Odisha is also supplied to the Bejawada ... There are many checkpoints to come to the city. But load loads are going to be In the past, Bhavaniipuram, Gollapudi, and the surrounding area, the town walls were heavily reserved. Gutta, marijuana and drugs are not going to be exported, but they are going to be exports and imports, as the officers are "lemonade to lemon" The officials seized the worth crores of crores of rupees. 

Three lorries loaded from Delhi were shipped to the city. Contingency checks and staff members on the way to Delhi's Bejawada are heavily laden with the arguments of what was then turned into a hot topic. Smugglers are brave enough to make sure that there is no guarantee that the quotas are stored in the walls of the suburbs. On February 9, 2017, the Task Force police raided the locations of Vijayawada, trafficking the gutta packets. Realized that the police were carrying out. Task Force Police shocked me when the gutka packets were stored in a house in Ashok Nagar, doubling vast surveillance. The police have been detained in the same manner by the police, who have been illegally stored in the gutka packets, and have been jailed for the past few years and have been jailing again ... Punaluraru Thana is a big gutka illegal business. Improve the police system performance and strengthen the surveillance system so far that it is necessary to focus on illegal transports and illegal transports coming into the city.