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After coming to power with a huge majority, the BJP has been playing a single 'country-simultaneous election' slogan. In the past, the chief of the President, Prime Minister and Election Commission also made many positive comments on the necessity of the election of Jamali election. People talked about this issue. In the context of the Budget Session, the debate rose again after President Rajnath Kovind addressed the two Houses of Parliament in the wake of the Budget Session and called for political consensus on Jamali election. He said that if the elections for the Lok Sabha and States are held simultaneously, it will not only disturb public expenditure and some obstacles to the development of the country. This argument is true. Because the elections are held in one place alone, the police forces are deployed at the expense of the government, the official administration is engaged in electoral work, there are issues of legislative issues, the implementation of the electoral code, the obstacles to the development of jobs, the people and the political parties in the election mood.

                                             JAMALI TO ELECT REGIONAL PARTIES

 If the country is all at once, without any hassles, the time remaining can be focused on the country's development. But can it be possible to conduct election management? How much does this Jamie's proposal make for India's spirit of compatibility with many states, languages ​​and cultures? Will any disruption of our democratic spirit built on secular foundations? Is worrying. Modi and BJP chief Amit Shah, who has been campaigning as prime ministerial candidate for the 2014 Congress Election Mukhtar Bharat, are doing a tactical approach to keep the regional parties unimpressed. The suspicion is also expressed. It is natural that some Union Ministers have already been in power in most of the Gujarat elections and are counting on the rest of the states. In addition, people begin to speak in the same language, wear the same dress, eat a single food, and start pressuring people to follow the same culture. Is it possible in our Indian society that is a mixture of different religions, rituals and traditions? There are trends that people all think about to be the same. These are the worst trends in our democratic country. The proposed Jamili election proposal is a matter of concern. West Bengal, Tamil Nadu and other states which have the opportunity to continue with the Jamali elections in the country for another two years have to be canceled. In addition, the recent elections to the Uttar Pradesh and recently the states of Gujarat and Himachal Pradesh have to be canceled. With this evolution, the people's judgment of the five-year rule of a cancellation of a jamilii will be defied by the judgment of the people. If we have a strong opposition in democracy, we are seeing the conditions that are in the power of the rulers only if there is a real opposition today from the Jamaat of the Supreme Leaders who believe that the rule will go smoothly and good for the people.

 The belief that democracy is going to be the only opposition that delivers constructive indicators is lacking in today's rulers. When people won the power of the party's policies, we found the state of the country that was forced to abandon the faith of the people after the victory. Similarly, if Congress becomes the single major party in Goa, the BJP is in power. Elections are no part of democracy. Thus, all such consequences can damage the democratic spirit and do nothing good. People who are blowing about the hardship of the people are hammering with indirect taxes. It is a situation where corporate loans can not lend to farmers to lend crops to banks. It is a big mistake to believe that such policies will benefit people as long as political unrest continues to grow over the day. People can not be trusted to claim that Jamili is running for a reduction in public expenditure by the government, which has not yet been able to get black money from the Vijay Mallya, who flew abroad for Rs 9,000 crore in the country's banks. So people will believe you if you show the truth to the people. Only then, any reforms that govern the governments of public welfare.