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Hyderabad, February 3, (
Interestingly, news is about NTR biopic, which is being produced in Teenja direction, in the title role of Balayya. The film is heard in the film as well as the role of the film personalities and the role of politicians. 

                                                  NADIA IN THE ROLE OF INDIRA 

The beginning of the NTR movie background is the beginning of the film, which is going to take over as the CEO of the party. It is also the case that Indira Gandhi will play the role of Indira Gandhi as the Prime Minister of India. At that time, she was leading the Congress party in her dreams. 

The Congress party is also in power at the time of formation of the NTR party. NTR's TDP has defeated Congress party which has Indira image. NDR has secured power in the NP within nine months. Such political history will be mentioned in the backdrop of the NTR biopic of Indira Gandhi. The creators of this film are in the process of choosing a suitable actress to do that role. According to the present information, Nadia plays the role of Indira by Nadia.