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Hyderabad, February 3, (way2newstv.com):
There is no strong cadre .. The leader who runs is not to say how much the current leaders will win. Telangana BJP, which is languishing in such circumstances, is going to lead Amit Shah in the direction of the Kamal Nathas .. The power of the TRS and the Opposition Congress is irritating. To defeat the enemy .. Opponents .. Such a move is to be seen in the battlefield ..

                                 KAMALAM GOAL ON 3 MP SEATS IN TELANGANA...
 But here is the question of the same principle in the electoral circuit of Amit, the question becomes a question. In fact, in the past two to three times .. Nizamabad and Telangana electorate in Telangana. We are better than Congress. In the 119 seats, the contest is to be decided. With Amit's slogan, the BJP can not leave the friendship with TDP. Because TDP is strong voting in Telangana. In the last election only the division of the state .. Chandrababu Naidu aimed on the direction of the direction of leadership direction .. TDP was backward. Congress has emerged as a result of it. TRS still thinks that the Congress is the main rival in the next election. Amit Shah at this time .. It is understood that part of a political strategy. 

The BJP is aimed at Telangana .. TRS and MIM will get closer. Because the BJP is strong in Telangana .. MIM has always been in trouble with the internal leaders of the MIM. Triple Thalak and Muslim reservation are the reasons for Muslims to look towards the BJP. Such a catastrophe ... how MIM will respond is in the spotlight. The BJP MP pointed out the seat of the seat in Hyderabad seat .. The MIM could not lose its chance.