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Nellore,February 20,(way2newstv.com):
In view of the next election, the party high command is going to check directly to the aggression of MLAs, MLCs and inchargers. It is also trying to look at the Lokesh Mark when organizational elections are going on. Every time the Mahanadu takes place, the party has been conducting the pre-election. This tradition is from the emergence of the party. By then, major changes were made to the upcoming organizational elections. Accordingly, the village committee president and the secretaries have not been unanimous and the names of both of them have been sent to the supremacy online. The head of the committee will take care of the fact that they have the capacity to manage the original village committee. The qualities take into consideration. 


It is a favorite word for the ruling party MLAs. For those who give it their positions, those who do not like it. Anything from village committees to nominated posts. This is the same principle. That is why some of the MLAs are committed to this principle. So that you will get the praise. On the other hand gets the positions. The same situation of seniors who worked from the origin of Telugu Desam. This is the same method above. That is why all those who are bent on knocking on the party are assumed to be eligible. There are three assembly seats in the district. There are inchards in the remaining constituencies. In many places there was a big difference in the village committee level. As a result, government and party programs do not reach the bottom. Anyone who feared the party of the party had been hoisted by the party. Now the situation is reduced. Everyone has become addicted to 'Sass Boss'. The highlight was identified as a result of the loss. 

In the villages, the committee will eventually vote for the activists. Otherwise the next steps will be made. If someone is going to the village and mandal in the past, the person on their side will turn to the chair of these committees. But it is now completely checked. The Mandal Committees will practice such a policy, which means that the parties and the communities will not be allowed to take part in any of the categories of the party, Telugu desam thinks that it is not just directly open to the power of the party but as the party mechanism is directly engaged in the election process. The current sitting MLAs took hold of some heads. There are various political aspects of the village level. The question of whether or not the person who is personally mini-party is selected is possible in such situations.