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Nalgonda, February 01, (
The locals express their disappointment over the loss of the wall of Devarakonda Khilladurga in Nalgonda district. The government has urged the government to focus on this historic Qila. The fort of the 13th century restored the fort and said that it is possible to make a tourist attraction. The rulers of the Ruchars and Velam Raju ruled in the 13th century from Devarakonda Qilaadurgam. A fortified fort has lost its fortifications.

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The state government has sanctioned Rs.50 crore in 2017 to save this historical fortification and to
make future generations memorable. Under the guidance of the Randby Ministry, the Killa has decided to spend Rs 50 lakh for road construction and other works from the mouthpiece to the steps. Another step was to spend another Rs 50 lakh. The process of tenders for this work has also ended. Hence, it is thought that the historic Qila would be good days. But locals have expressed regret over the slow development of development works.

Tourists can get good revenue if the city of Kondadalpalli which is about seven km away from Nagarjunasagar-Hyderabad road is developed. The Qila tourism is not only for tourists but also for the tourists. At that time Kavisarabhavudu Srinathu is said to be a visit to the Qilaadar. The ancestors of the joint Andhra Pradesh marker Purnakumkam is found from the Qandarangam. There are no arrangements to visit this popular fortress. This area is backed up by tourists. The main way is to walk down the path or visit visitors. Around Rs 50 lakh has been allocated for the construction of the stairs to solve this problem. But when the tenders were completed, the officials could not make a single step. As a result, tourists who are here are going to get rid of Khilla. The locals say that if the authorities took a special initiative and repaired the Khilla Stairs, the town would be commercially developed rather than tourism.