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Vijayawada, February 1, (
The government hopes to launch AP Annual Budget Session from March 5. The idea is to introduce the budget on March 9th. Though it was initially planned to convene on March 12, the Assembly would have the opportunity to start the assembly on the same day. That is why they are preparing to assemble the AP Assembly in advance. The Governor has to address the two Houses. So the same day AP and Telangana Assembly are starting to trouble. As a result, the state government is working to look at the problems of Telugu state. AP officials spoke to Telangana officials. The information is being finalized to ensure that no one is in trouble. Officially yet to be announced. The finance ministry is doing well in the finance ministry's budget speech in view of the upcoming elections. The development and progress made by the last budget will be explained. The welfare schemes implemented by various departments are trying to explain the policies taken by the government. The government will be entrusted with the SC, ST, BC, Woman, Minority Welfare.

                                                MARCH FIVE FROM AP ASSEMBLY

TDP versus BJP in assembly
This time, we have a strange situation in AP Assembly conclave. How does YSR Congress party come to assembly? That is why the BJP is the main opposition. We have given Warnin to the BJP with only one word that we can look at. CM Chandrababu Naidu. This issue was prominent in the national media. Since then the lotus is not aggressive from the leaders. Vishnu Kumar Raju, Purandeswari and Somu Veerraju have been reduced to the attack by the Minister Manikala Rao. Those who spoke the first day of the first day did not raise the wafer.

 Any media spokesperson is asking if anything It is now interesting to have Chandra Babu's actions to mingle in touch. On the other hand, the boy cut the Waikaka Assembly conclave to protest against the TDP and the Speaker's attitude towards party defects. It will do the same. It was announced that they had not come before. Assembly meetings were held for the absence of them. Speaker Kodela himself called the caller and nobody came but the leaders of the Vaikappa. But now the BJP's attitude is changing. As a result, the TDP in the assembly is likely to be strong BJP leaders. Minister Kamineni Srinivasa Rao does not speak against TDP. Another minister Manikala Rao is aggressive. Except Vishnu Kumar's king, the rest of the speaker is saying only the end. We are going to meet the deficit without any wakasapa leaders. If this happens, there is no doubt that Assembly meetings will be hot.