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Karimnagar, February 21, (Way2newstv.com):
Marketing officials took action in Karimnagar district to buy cotton with e-nam method. The bamboo cotton is expensive with the E-Nam system in the main Jammikunta farm market in the district. The relevant officials have already held a special meeting with the merchants and discussed the issues of purchasing the bags of the bags from the E-Nam system. Make decisions about purchases. Farmers expressed their hatred when the officials took measures to implement the National Agricultural Market (E-NAM) system in cotton procurement. In the yard for electronic purchases, equipment is equipped. Steps taken by the printing of the bastard cotton were printed. Without a difference in the draft, the document is set up. Two years have been interrupted by the E-Nam policy for several reasons. In this manner, the authorities have prepared to bolster the cotton cotton. While the cotton cotton is low, it is said that this method is still being followed by the idea that the e-nam method has big problems.


Farmers say that they have some loss in the E-Nam system. Local traders have been criticized for failing to link the online system with the national level and other markets to cost the cotton. Traders say that the secret method of computerization is affecting the interests of farmers determined by prices. Based on the quality of agricultural products with e-Nam, merchants from other areas will be able to look at prices online by costing them to cost. But some farmers are dissatisfied with the lack of connectivity with computers that work with other markets' e-nam policy. The farmers are urging the higher officials to focus on these issues and take action to ensure that they are doing well.